Hi! I'm Brian Rhea

Hello! I’m Brian Rhea.

I’m a Front-End Developer with Photoshop chops,
marketing experience and SEO know-how.

I’m glad you’re here, because …

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I’m Hot As Hell
And I’m Not Gonna Take It Anymore!

As You’ve Probably Heard

Texas Is Friggin’ Hot.


And every summer I shout
at the top of my lungs:

I’m baking like a toasted cheeser!

It’s so
hot here!

And every summer

my wife and I reflect longingly on our family trips to Colorado.

Ahhh, Colorado.

The land of mountain meadows
and streams as bright as optimism.


Where you can throw a rock
and hit a State Park.


Where babies sleep through the night
and cherubim bring you vanilla lattes every morning! *

Ahhh, Colorado.

* Right? I’m just paraphrasing from the tourism ads we hear on NPR down here. You’re surprised we have NPR in Dallas? Not as surprised as I was to learn you have winged baby baristas!

But, Enough Jibba Jabba.

You’re not going to hire me just because the sun turns lamp posts to liquid hot magma here and bathes the Rockies in the light of all that is pure and perfect there.

(I mean, unless you just want to.)

I’m betting that you probably want to know what I’m good at and how I can make your team better.

Front-End Development

HTML / CSS / JavaScript / WordPress / PHP / MySQL / Mobile

I kneel before the throne of web standards and kiss the ring of the Zeldman. I find debates over whether <ol> or <ul> is more appropriate for a navigation list to be pretty interesting, and I think it should be revised to, “Judge not, lest ye be judged. Except for those who use tables for layout. Totally cool to judge them.”


Design, HTML, CSS, jQuery/JavaScript, SEO, AdWords

Creative Nightscapes

Complete redesign of the CN website to put the beauty of their work front and center. I also work with Creative Nightscapes on a monthly basis, maintaining their SEO and running their AdWords campaigns.



Mobile Design & Development

Dalworth Restoration (Mobile)

In addition to designing and maintaining their custom WordPress site, I designed and built a mobile site for Dalworth Restoration. They have been so pleased with the results, they featured the mobile site in one of their recent tv commercials.



Design / HTML / CSS / jQuery

The Newberg Report

If you’re a Texas Rangers fan and you don’t read The Newberg Report, you’re doing it wrong. I redesigned TNR to give Jamey’s readers a more pleasant experience by incorporating the textures and imagery from the game we love.



HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery/JavaScript

Solutions by Text

I worked with SBT’s design firm to convert their PSDs in to HTML/CSS/PHP/JS with complete integration into their preferred Content Management System, LightCMS.



Design, HTML, CSS

Norris Law Firm

“99% of Law Firm websites have some lame handshake stock photography or Lady Justice holding the scales. Give me something clean.”

“Can do.”



Design, HTML, CSS, jQuery/JavaScript, SEO

Triad Product Finishing

Triad’s previous site had not been touched in years and they were nowhere to be found in the search engines. I delivered a complete redesign along with semantic code optimized for their target market, and within weeks they were in the Top 3 for their best keyword phrases and generating new leads.



HTML, CSS, PHP, mySQL, Twitter & Facebook API

Guatemala 2012

I worked with Steadfast Creative and R.U.4 Children to build this team-based web app designed to raise funds and awareness for malnourished kids in Guatemala.



Design, HTML, CSS, Custom WordPress Theme


Designed & developed this custom WordPress theme (using Elliot Jay Stocks' very useful Starkers project) to give the organization a professional web presence as well as adding a number of convenient online services for their members.



Design, HTML, CSS, jQuery/JavaScript, Custom WordPress Theme, SEO

The Miller Company

Designed TMC’s website to be an informative and casually-engaging reflection of their brand. With an emphasis on intellectual capital, an About Us page that reveals the human side of the company, and a custom WordPress theme for the blog, their site is an effective piece in TMC’s marketing mix.


UI/UX Design

Discovery / Persona Development / UI Design

There’s nothing cool about blaming the customer if they’re confused by your design. Not cool. You know what’s cool? Seductive interaction design. Findable websites. Jim Henson.


Designed the interface for a completely custom event management app that will allow client to track fundraising, communication, volunteers, to-dos and more.

Hicks LP

Hicks had tried every CRM under the sun and nothing quite fit their needs. I’m working with them to create a web app that synchronizes with their QuickBooks server and will allow their sales team to track their deals exactly how they’d like.


In February, I pitched an idea for a mobile app at the BeMyApp Global Hackathon in Dallas. My idea was chosen to advance to the development round and my team ended up taking second place.


Discovery / Wireframes / Marketing

Because I’m running my own shop, I’m involved in every stage of the game. From the first sales call to the Discovery meetings, on to the Design phase and through Development and Launch. So, if you’re wondering, “Is this the kind of guy that has more two-way “conversations” with his MBP than human beings, or can we let him meet with clients?” Don’t sweat it. I’ve got references to put your mind at ease.

Creative Nightscapes

If you’re reading all of this (seriously, are you reading all of this?) then you know that in addition to designing and maintaining CN’s website, they trust me with every piece of their online marketing effort, including managing their AdWords campaigns. They fired one of the big guys for underperforming (whose pages may or may not be yellow), hired me and I have continued to deliver results that lead to business.

Richard Billingsley

It’s not every day that you get one of the BCS computers as a client, but that’s what happened when Mr. Billingsley hired me to help him bring the massive amount of College Football data he’s collected over the years to the web. Richard’s expertise in College Football is unquestioned, but he needed help designing a strategy to make his Football Encyclopedia successful online and that’s where I come in. The project is still in development and will be ready for the College Football season this fall.

Dalworth Restoration

I’ve been working with Dalworth on a regular basis for two years. In that time I have gone from being some random developer on Sortfolio with WordPress experience, to a guy who can also build mobile websites, to an educated developer with SEO expertise, to an integral member of the online marketing team with a standing weekly meeting to form and execute Dalworth’s online strategy.


Even though I lost out on the complete redesign bid to another development firm, AFS was impressed by my approach to Strategy and Discovery. So, they hired me to help lay the groundwork for the design and I led them through a series of meetings to identify their customer personas, develop content strategy, and create wireframes for a design that would achieve their desired results.

Our Town Dental

Even though this is an established dental practice that had been around for years, they did not have any web presence to speak of. I worked with Dr. Laster to develop content that would present their practice as a safe, professional place to visit.

yp Challenger of Dallas

The yp Challenger of Dallas is the largest professional men’s tennis event in North Texas. I worked with the host club, T Bar M, and their PR/marketing agency to keep the content on the site fresh during the week of the event.


On-Site Optimization / Conversion Tracking

In addition to writing semantic HTML and understanding how to optimize it for the client’s market; I stay up-to-speed on the latest SEO practices. I know that Penguin is more than just a Batman villian and that Rich Snippets have nothing to do with Mitt Romney’s tax returns.

Pat O'Reilly

In the fiercely competitive Dallas–Fort Worth Real Estate market, I was able to take Pat from ~65 visits/week to ~640 visits/week and we're working on capturing more as we continue to climb up in the rankings.

Birdwell-Wright DDS

Before I was hired to optimize their code, Dr. Birdwell & Dr. Wright were having a hard time showing up in local search. I rescued their site from <font> tags and optimized their existing content for the keywords that lead to business. Since the overhaul, we’ve managed to climb on to the first page for 19 unbranded, local search phrases.

Triad Product Finishing

Triad was absolutely nowhere to be found, even for niche and uncompetitive keywords they could easily win. With the redesign, we’re now completely dominating local search and are beginning to expand their geographic reach.

Would We Like Each Other?

But, hard skills are just part of the equation, right?
What about soft skills and cultural fit?

We’ll get along just fine if:


I’m not the only one whose idea of winding down in the evening involves this question: “Do I feel like a TED Talk, The Big Web Show, or the next chapter in that Rails Tutorial?”

Frakking Cylons

Co-workers know that Frak! is a cuss word, but not because of the whole drilling thing.

(Although the drilling thing is crap, too.)

Knowledge is Power

ReWork, Linchpin, and Delivering Happiness are on the office bookshelf.

There is an office bookshelf, right?

Josh Hamilton for MVP, President of the United States, and Captain of Earth.

You can tolerate my fanatical devotion to the best team in baseball, The Texas Rangers.

I know, you guys have Tulowitzki and a brewpub in your ballpark (props); but the Rangers have the Real Life Roy Hobbs and our #8 hitter could bat clean-up for about 20 other teams. They’re kind of a big deal.

So …

If you think there’s a place for me on your team there in the nirvana that is Colorado; drop me a line and I’ll be happy to provide a resume and professional references.

But hurry, my family is melting!

My husband is the best … blah blah blah, whatever … just hire him before our A/C goes out (again)!

Hire my dad! He’s real silly and is good at making the internet!

There’s cake in Colorado, right?

I can haz mild summerz now?

Brian Rhea

I’d Love to Hear from You

Please send me an e-mail or find me
on one of these fine intertube localities.